myK12 HIB Manager - Important Announcement!

In response to health-related school closures we are making our web-based HIB Reporting platform FREE for all NJ schools through the remainder of 2019-20 school year.

FREE access to our web-based platform (access off-site)
FREE web-based training session will be available

To participate in this offer simply email us with your contact information at the address below:

Our Solutions

We support more than 100,355 students across 48 districts.

All of our solutions are designed with direct input from teachers. Their intimate level of collaboration provides us with unique insight on what works best for educators.

HIB Manager

We guide users through reporting process while keeping them on track throughout the investigation. Email alerts, dynamic letter templates, on-demand reporting, and data analysis automate the HIB workflow.


Create highly usable student records track the work done with students throughout their academic career, and use real time data to identify strategies that are working to help students in your district.

We are a suite of cloud based software solutions that interface with your student information system allowing schools to collect, visualize, and better understand information.

User Friendly

All of our solutions are built with the user in mind. Our in page support and intuitive interface get users up and running with little or no training.

Customer Service

At myK12 we pride ourselves on providing top-tier customer service to all of our districts. Our customer satisfaction rating is a testament to our level of service.

Hosted Solution

Our agile cloud based solutions allow you to access your information from anywhere on any device including MACs, PCs, iPads, tablets, and phones.

Cost Effective

We understand schools and their budgetary constraints. We offer a low price guarantee and will beat any competition.   Price Calculator

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