HIB Manager

We guide users through reporting process while keeping them on track throughout the investigation. Email alerts, dynamic letter templates, on-demand reporting, and data analysis automate the HIB workflow.

“It is not that big of a challenge to create a web application that can collect information. What we have done with the HIB Manager is go beyond a simple web application that collects information to an intelligent system that understands the requirements and workflows involved with conducting a HIB investigation. Not only do we ensure legal compliance, but we also help guide the user through the reporting process to ensure that we gather all the information we need to conduct an investigation. Next we walk the Anti-Bullying specialist through the tasks that need to be completed while conducting an investigation and even provide them with a determination wizard to confirm that the incident meets the criteria set forth in the bullying statue when making a determination.”

- Michael Sloan, Founder, myK12

Why Choose Us?

New Jersey's Trusted Solution
The New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association, the Foundation for Educational Administration, and LEGAL ONE are proud partners of the myK12 HIB Manager.

Determination Wizard
Alleged HIB incidents must be found to contain certain required elements of HIB in order to be deemed a confirmed HIB incident. As you go through the determination process the system will prompt you to answer question and provide evidence. Based on your answers to these yes or no questions the system will conclude whether the incident has the required elements to be considered HIB.

The investigation of an alleged HIB incident requires the collaboration of many key people throughout the district. Having all of the needed information available to you personnel in real time, in a single location, is key to effective management of HIB incidents.


How it Works

We break down the HIB process presenting users with a series of focused steps and tasks to ensure that all requirements are met during both the reporting and investigation phases. Each HIB incident goes through a four stage procedure.

  1. Alleged Incident Reporting
  2. Active Investigations
  3. Concluded Investigations
  4. Archived Investigations

1. Alleged Incident Reporting

When alleged HIB related behavior is witnessed or experienced users will generate a new alleged incident report in the system. The system guides the user through a ten step reporting process, checking each step to ensure all the necessary information is gathered. Each step is focused on a particular area of the report keep the user on task.

2. Active Investigations

The HIB Manager Active Investigation section will present you with a series of Investigation Tasks designed to guide an anti-bullying specialist through the process of the investigation.

3. Concluded Investigations

The HIB work flow does not conclude immediately after an incident determination has been made. The Concluded Investigations sections provides another series of task that must be completed following the conclusion of the investigation.

4. Archived Incidents

When all of the task associated with a particular have been completed, the incident is moved into Archived Incidents. When an incident is in the archive reports can easily be run to get the information from the report. Any incident can also be easily restored when need be.


Collecting data is useless without good analysis and reporting. Not only does myK12 offer a full suite of tools for organizing the information you have entered into the system into highly usable reports, but we also use the information you have entered to identify trends in your information.


Our dynamic letter templates allow you to quickly generate custom letters. Using predefined macros you are able to customize your letters to match your districts look and feel.

Student Search

The Student Search feature allows you to search for any student in the district and pull up all of the incidents they have been involved in either as a recipient or aggressor. This overview will give you the status of the incidents that the student was involved in and also give you one click access to review the incidents.

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